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Dr. Michelle Rad, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Do not let your life's difficulties fill you with anxiety, remember that it's in the darkest nights that the stars shine the most. 
A life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age.  It's a process that needs attention and focus but less work as it moves on.

Dr. Rad is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Virginia.  She has been in the mental health field since 1998 and has worked privately as well as a government contractor in various settings. As such, instead of focusing too much on one area, she's diversified her skills to broaden her knowledge and experience.  This has added significantly to her level of wisdom, insight and expertise.  Her residency started with working with children/adolescent and couples  and then she added adults to her list of clients.  She has extensive knowledge in evidence-based approaches to therapy and is the author of 7 books and many articles related to the subjects of health, self-actualization and happiness.  Her expertise is in trauma-informed and evidence-based therapy with a focus on human capital, motivation,  anxiety, depression, ADHD and eating issues.   Besides that above, Dr. Rad  has a diverse  personal background which brings an extra layer of compassion and awareness when helping her  clients.  This helps her in observing and evaluating  situations from a broader perspective not the typical "one shoe fits all" approach.   In addition, she uses her ability as a clinical psychologist to assess clients and to use objective data  in coming up  with an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan that matches the clients' specific needs.  

Professionally, Dr. Rad received her Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology which is accredited by  APA (American Psychological Association) from the American School of Professional Psychology in Arlington, VA .   She  recieved  a Master Degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Baltimore,  MD and a Bachelor Degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from  Warrensburg State Univesity in MO.   She is  the founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to public education about mental health, resiliency and emotional intelligence and the founder of EBC, LLC with a focus on providing quality based services that is affordable.  

In her own words:

"After training as a clinical psychologist, I decided to write a series of books to not only help create positive changes in people's lives but to help them  manage negative memories to be able to  move forward with their lives in a more constructive  way.  I have focused my professional life on using evidence-based tools and techniques to help my clients in a way that has a measurable outcome so that they can see their progress.  
I have had a great deal of success with my clients and use technology, assessment tools, data, creativity, and evidence to work with my clients effectively.   In addition, I have put a client-friendly system in place where I can minimize external costs to be able to work with most of my clients' insurance so they can afford to receive these treatments. 
I  truly enjoy what I do and have a deep sense of care for my client
s. "

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