About Us

A few words about Dr. Rad and EBC, LLC

EBC, LLC was founded by Dr. Rad who  is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Virginia. She has been in the mental health field since 1998 and has worked privately as well as a government contractor in various settings. She has a wide range of skills and has broaden her knowledge and experience to be able to find a solution focused approach to her clients needs. ​​ Dr. Rad and her Team  are dedicated to providing evidence based services to clients who are dedicated to their mental health. 

Dr. Rad's residency started with working with children/adolescent and adults with ADHD, Depression and Anxiety; she then added other mental heath disorders to her list. She also has experience with psychological/neurological assessments.

Dr. Rad's approach to helping her clients is evidence-based and trauma informed and she uses data to measure progress to make sure the treatment plan is working. Professionally, Dr. Rad received her Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology which is accredited by APA (American Psychological Association) from the American School of Professional Psychology in Arlington, VA .

She received a Master Degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Baltimore, MD and a Bachelor Degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from Warrensburg State Univesity in MO. She is the founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to public education about mental health, resiliency and emotional intelligence and the founder of EBC, LLC with a focus on providing quality based services that is affordable.

Meet the Team