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Evidence Based Consultation is an affiliate of Self Knowledge Base & Foundation

EBC LLC is partnered and owed  by Self Knowledge Base & Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to educational and consulting work related to the brain's health. At EBC LLC, we provide innovative psychological and therapeutic  services that  get clients results. We use  a data driven system to get a clear diagnosis and bring about a treatment plan that is effective and practical.  We are up to date with the newest studies and research in the areas of brain and mental health.

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 We are a solution and evidence based clinic that focuses on getting results. Here are some of the services we offer.  Click HERE to meet our team and click HERE   to make an appointment.

Child and Adult Therapy

CBT, DBT, and Solution focused are just some of our main  therapeutic modalities. Discover 8+ proven therapeutic modalities through expert-guided therapies. Gently bring the nervous system and your mind back to emotional and functional equilibrium. 

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Skill Assessment

Skill assessment is the systematic process of documenting and using empirical data on the knowledge, skill, attitudes, aptitude and beliefs to refine programs and improve performance and job skills.   community.

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Diagnostic Assessment

We will clarify your diagnosis  and assess your personality to  create a workbook that matches your specific symptoms as well as your  personality. 

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Virtual Reality Therapy

VR helps to rewire your brain and grow healthier pathways that promote resilience, relaxation, recovery, and results. Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Eating D/O and Depression are among many other disorders treated by VR. 

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Art Therapy

Art therapy is a creative method of  active art-making and is a  combination of creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship.  

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Treatment Plan

 A treatment plan has specific goals you have for therapy and interventions your therapist might use to help you reach these goals. Typically, a treatment plan is created early on in the therapeutic process, and it serves as a guideline to drive your sessions in a way that fits with what you hope to achieve.

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