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Dr. Michelle Rad, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

The most complete gift in life is a life based on knowledge. 
Michelle Rad, MA, PsyD, LCP
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Dr. Rad's Books

  1. Rumi & Self Psychology (Psychology of Tranquility)
    Rumi & Self Psychology (Psychology of Tranquility)
    Two astonishing perspectives for the discipline and science of self transformation: Rumi’s poetic language vs. Carl Jung’s psychological language.
  2. Psyche and Self’s Theories in Psychology
    Psyche and Self’s Theories in Psychology
    A concise comparison of a number of theorists like Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow’s general concepts of the self and the psyche.
  3. Therapy Dialogue
    Therapy Dialogue
    A session by session therapy dialogue with an educated client who went through the self-actualization and self-growth processes.
  4. Where is my place in this world?
    Where is my place in this world?
    This book explains how to move above and beyond one’s conditioning to get access to an unrepressed and infinite state of being where one can see that everything is inner connected and there is no separation. To get there one must increase her level of understanding and put her life to practice. The more one experiences life with awareness and knowledge, the closer she gets to her wholeness and that unlimited potential she beholds.
  5. A Self-Healing Brain: A Gate to the Soul
    A Self-Healing Brain: A Gate to the Soul
    Becoming your balance and complete self by learning how to work with your brain.
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Dr. Rad's Articles

The Art Of Positive Thinking

            Are You Self Actualized?

   Characteristics of Effective Leaders

Self-actualization is one of the highest levels of human's growth. It is not superior since everyone can get there, it is just a stage of being. Here are some of the characteristics of self-actualized people:

Real not ideal: Self-actualized people have a healthy relationship with reality and are more comfortable with it and do not deny it. They accept the good and bad as parts of the same spectrum where one is in balance and the other out of balanc. To read more

Research done by the Center for Creative Leadership indicates that most leaders rate themselves as being moderate to extremely powerful at work. Organizational skills and a perception of power seem to be strongly correlated when it comes to leadership skills in leaders. In other words, there is a notable correlation between leaders’ level in the organization and how powerful they believe themselves to be at work, a sense of confidence and trust in what they do and what they expect to be done. 41% of the leaders who were surveyed indicated that formal authority given to them makes them feel more powerful. To read more
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Positive thinking is a significant element of one's contentment with life. In order to become a positive thinker, determination and consistency are important. The first thing to know about positive thinking is that everyone can do it. With certain cognitive and behavioral modifications, we can all become positive thinkers. Another important factor is that being a positive thinker does not mean you become numb to anything that is not working properly in your life  or around you or that you repress things that are negative — it just means that you approach life and face challenges with a healthier outlook, you FOCUS on the positive while being AWARE the negative rather than the other way around. To read more
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