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Dr. Michelle Rad, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

A Self-Healing Brain:  A Gate To The Soul

  This book gives the reader a depth of information in a few short pages about the brain and how to find an inner balance through brain work. The chapters cover how to have a content, spiritual, emotional, compassionate, rational, disciplined, creative, intelligent, intuitive, and social self through the brain and cognitive work.
Research indicates that the brain is elastic and has self-healing, self-reprogramming powers. This book makes the reader familiar with how that is and reports some practical ways to unleash those. A fully functioning human being who is complete and content lives through a fully functional brain. A 
balanced self-has a balanced brain. A complete sense of self is not possible without having a healthy mind in a healthy body which functions emotionally in a mature way.  

Published: 5/3/ 2013
by Balboa press (A branch of Hay House)
Please email us for a free copy if you are a client.
Psyche and self's theories of psychology

A concise comparison of a number of theorists like Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow’s general concepts of the self and the psyche. This book attempts to find a common ground between Jung’s general concepts of individuation, wholeness, spirituality, and religion and those of Maslow’s self-actualization and homeostasis besides using other scholars’ concepts to find a common ground between these modalities. This is an up to the point comparison of a number of theories for sophisticated thinkers who are looking for answers for fulfilling their spiritual needs.

Published: 5/11/2012
Pages: 104 ISBN: 978-1-46692-436-9
Print type: B/W
​Please email us for a free copy if you are a client. 
A Therapy Dialogue

This book walks the reader through the process of therapy. In a step by step guide, it discusses what it means to live a life of “false self” and how to find a sense of “real self”. It discusses a wide variety of issues like anxiety, negative behaviors and emotions and how to get rid of them.
In addition, it gives information on how to get to our full potential, what happiness really means, what the difference is between love and anxious attachment, what is assertiveness, how to process suppressed memories, and how to be able to see deeper into people’s intention and not just  their behavior.

Published: 3/11/2010
Pages: 252
ISBN: 978-1-42692-637-2
Print type: B/W
Please email us for a free copy if you are a client. 

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