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Dr. Michelle Rad, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Biofeedback therapy can help people change unhealthful habits by interpreting factors such as electrical brain activity.

There are three common types of biofeedback therapy:
Thermal biofeedback measures skin temperature.
Electromyography measures muscle tension.
Neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback focuses on electrical brain activity.

As biofeedback therapists, I spent years in private practice helping people to alter chronic dysfunctional physical symptoms developed in response to stressful events. Biofeedback is an outstanding way to re-train behaviors responsible for symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, IBS, TMJ and chronic headaches. 

What is Biofeedback?
Simply put, Biofeedback is utilizing your own awareness and monitoring the biological signals produced by your body. For instance you can become aware of your breath and change the frequency of the breathing rate to encourage a relaxation response.

When you use electronic instrumentation to monitor your body's physiology it displays that information back to you; hence the name bio-logical signal feed-back. With electronic monitoring, you can increase your sensitivity and awareness of physiological activity in various areas and organ systems of your body. With this new awareness, you can change your body's 'dys-'function' into healthy functioning.
I use several instruments:
eSense GSR  

Biofeedbak Therapy