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Dr. Michelle Rad, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Adolecent Therapy

Resiliency, Emotional Intelligence,  Social Intelligence,  Assertiveness, Self Esteem are just some of the things I can help your teenager with.   

When it comes to adolescents, compared to other therapeutic approaches CBT which is short-term and solution-focused along with EQ related work can be the most effective.  It has to also be client-centered so that the sessions match the  client's needs.   

CBT is problem-focused which means it deals with issues in the present. Treatment providers aren't likely to rehash a teen's childhood or look for hidden meaning in their behavior. Instead, sessions focus on helping the teen with problems going on now.   Tools, games, technology, and interactions are a big part of working with teenagers.    Being a psychologist, I also use assessments and data to come up with an accurate diagnosis using data that is objective and a  treatment plan that matches the diagnosis,  scientifically.  

This type of therapy can provide benefits such as:
Improve communication with others
Reduce fears and phobias
Interrupt thoughts that lead to addictive or other self-destructive behaviors
Improve self-esteem
Identify positive responses to stress
Change negative thought patterns
Increase resiliency and emotional intelligence
Also, working on issues like anxiety, depression, and school-related concerns